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Web Technologies

by admin last modified 2011-06-09 18:56

Centre has acquired sound skills in web technologies through the domain areas e-Learning, Supply Chain Management, IT for Rural development and Inforamation Security Education and  Awareness.

C-DAC has developed a multilingual e-Learning framework called e-Sikshak under the funding of DIT, Government of India. e-Sikshak, an e-Learning environment spawns a virtual class room paradigm among users. To make the e-Learning framework suitable to Indian context the tool has been enabled with Indian language support to offer e-Learning courses in Hindi and Telugu. More details on these courses can be accessed at http://www.elearn.cdac.in.

The centre has expertise in the areas of SCORM standards for content development, which has been put to practical usage of Certificate Course on Cyber Security. The centre is offering Cyber Security and Software Process Management courses in e-Learning mode. Having realized the need for quality assurance of e-Learning tools the centre evolved a Quality Assurance Framework for e-Learning. Centre is also working in Ubiquitous Learning, which involves learning from devices through Mobiles, palm tops etc.  Centre conducts National seminar titled e-Learning and e-Learning Technologies, ELETECH INDIA every 4 years once.  Centre is also involved in establishing a Walk In Lab in e-Learning using open source software.

To address this issue of SME sector, CDAC Hyderabad, partnering with IIIT Hyderabad has developed “e-SAVYA”, an affordable Supply Chain Management System for the SME Sector. The solution aims to empower the SMEs with tools to manage their Supply Chain operations more easily and effectively and utilize these tools to introduce technology, discipline and Industry best practices into their Supply Chain operations.

India Development Gateway (InDG) is an effort of C-DAC Hyderabad under IT for rural development that targets specific country needs in the domain of rural and social development. InDG seeks to provide responsive and credible information products and services in local languages catering to the needs of rural communities in the identified sectors of rural development.  InDG catalyzes the use of ICT for collaboration and knowledge sharing among development stakeholders representing from Government, NGOs, community based organizations, private, and Academic, Research Institutions.


Information Security Education and Awareness (ISEA) is another portal developed by C-DAC Hyderabad to spread awareness on information security. This project is initiated keeping in view the importance of growing need of Internet in the day to day life of people.  An individual including a school going child is using Internet drastically today to fulfill his needs as part of his study, work etc. There are many security measures to be followed at all steps of using Internet as the more the use the more is the need of securing the information as everything is open in the Internet world. Thus, the DIT initiated this project where the main objective is to spread Information Security Awareness. This portal www.infosecawreness.in is also part of this project which used various web technologies, like content management system (plone), python, zope web server, javascript etc.