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by admin last modified 2012-05-30 13:47

E-Learning is the utilization of information and communication technologies to mediate asynchronous as well as synchronous learning and teaching activities. E-Learning facilitates flexibility of time, place and pace of study. Today in this busy, modern, technology based world, people want to continue their work and studies from different places.

E-Learning has been evolving continuously with more and more features to facilitate effective learning pedagogies and communication among online learners and with support for interoperable learning management systems. Standardization of learning and course delivery system components has been gaining importance in this field. Specifications like SCORM, QTI and Learner Profiles for Accessibility, Personalization are gaining attention among learning management system providers.

Realizing the potential of e-Learning, C-DAC Hyderabad has started development of technology/products to cater to the needs of e-Learning followers. The current focus of areas is as follows:


C-DAC Hyderabad since its establishment has given utmost importance to knowledge dissemination in the areas of its expertise by organizing workshops/seminars etc. E-Learning being one of its core activity, C-DAC, Hyderabad organized ELELTECH INDIA 2001 (National Seminar on e-Learning and e-Learning Technologies during August 7-8, 2001), ELELTECH INDIA 2005 during August 8-9, 2005), ELELTECH India-ASEAN 2006 (International Seminar on e-Learning & e-Learning Technologies for ASEAN country participants during November 6-7, 2006) and ELELTECH INDIA 2009 during November 5-6, 2009) at Hyderabad.